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Top EDM Festivals 2024 (America)

A Guide To The Best EDM Fests

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has captured the hearts of millions worldwide, uniting people through rhythm and beats. As we explore the top EDM festivals in 2024, one can’t help but be drawn to the spectacular festivals that have become bucket list destinations for fans. Our top 5 list dives into the top must-visit EDM festivals in America, highlighting the USA's  biggest and the best EDM festivals and EDM camping festivals. 



A massive world renown music festival produced by Insomniac Events (LIVE Nation) bringing the best DJ's around the world to the desert of Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Since 2011 (1997 in LA).


- World's best production

- Multiple main stages

- 100's of main stream DJ's


- Expensive

- Crowded

- Non tradiitonal festival site

- Traffic in and out of the venue


Electric Forest is a multi-genre music festival produced by Insomniac Events (LIVE Nation) with a focus on electronic music and jam band genres. Started in 2011. 


- Stunning production

- Forest zone

- Art

- Vibe


- Overcrowded

- Expensive

- Parking

- In and out traffic



-Editors Choice Award-

Located in Kansas, a short drive from Kansas City. DFT is a high-energy music, arts & camping festival featuring 200+ artists, world-class production, five stages, art installations, smashed in a stuning venue surrounded by mature trees, ponds and a lake. Dancefest is the only major festival that allows all to camp under the trees in the magical emerald forest. 


One of the best things about Dancefest is its inclusivity. It’s the fact that you can approach any stranger and potentially make a new close friend just by introducing yourself and sharing a few short words. Throughout the weekend, it is everywhere — friendships blossoming along the rails while people waited for artists they were obsessed with or people chatting while enjoying the shade. Love is all around you at DFT and lifelong memories are meant to be made here. Since 2012.


- Intimate yet world class production

- Perfect size 

- Easy in and out

- Stunning Forest Camping

- Vibe

- Inexpensive


- Has a home grown feel, can be a turn off to some


The world's premier electronic music festival, boasting elite DJs and unparalleled production located in the beautiful city of Miami. Since 1999.


- Production

- High Caliber DJ's

- Climate and location


- Traffic snarls, lack of ride sharing

- Small venue for crowd size

- Non traditional festival site

- No camping

- Expensive all around



Located in Ohio at Legends Valley this is the meca for bass heads looking for all day and all night dubstep. Presented by Excision the event does not miss a beat. Since 2017. 


- Production

- Stage viewing

- Niche to dubstep

- Venue


- Event is catered to dubstep genre only

- Crowded

- Expensive

- Traffic and in and out

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